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Disabled person reduction for Council Tax

You may be moved to a lower band of Council Tax if a disabled person (adult or child) lives in your household.

A reduction may be granted if any of the following facilities are provided:

  • a room provided to meet the special needs of the disabled person
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen is provided for the person with the disability
  • extra space is created inside the dwelling to allow for the use of a wheelchair

Please note that the use of a private garage for a motor vehicle used by the disabled person is not one of the circumstances which qualify for a reduction.

If a reduction is granted, we will treat your property as if it is in the valuation band below the one it is actually placed in. For example, if your property is in band C you will pay the Council Tax for band B. If your property is in band A you will still qualify for a percentage reduction.

Apply for Council Tax disabled persons relief Apply for Council Tax disabled persons relief

The person who is responsible for paying the bill, even if they are not disabled, must apply for the reduction.

You must continue to pay your current bill. If you are awarded a disabled person's reduction a new bill will be issued showing how much to pay including details of any new instalments.

The reduction will be reviewed periodically. We may ask you to provide information or evidence that helps us to do this. Failing to supply this information could mean the reduction is cancelled.

Please remember: if circumstances relating to the exemption change you must report them to us immediately.

Apply for Council Tax disabled persons relief

If a disabled person (adult or child) lives in your household and certain facilities exist to help with that person's needs you can apply for Council Tax relief.
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