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Apply for a disabled parking space on the public highway

Applications for a Disabled Persons Parking Space (DPPS) would only be considered if there is no available space within the boundary of the property.

A parking survey involving several visits (at least 4) during different days of the week and different times of the day is required to assess the parking level within 25 metres either side of the applicant's property. If the parking level were high, on average, across these visits then a space on the highway could be recommended.

A space on the highway fronting the applicant's property would not be considered if: 

  1. The applicant has the use of accessible off street facilities, either a drive or garage for example, either on their property or within the relevant 25 metre distance.
  2. The property is not owner occupied and is rented unless the approval is obtained in writing from the property owner or landlord.
  3. Its introduction would likely cause an obstruction of the highway.
  4. Any double white centre lines are present.
  5. Any double or single yellow lines along the kerb line are present.
  6. Access difficulties may be caused to nearby residents.
  7. The road is narrow (a disabled parking space on the highway must be minimum of 2.7m wide and 6.6m long).
  8. The location is on a bend, opposite a junction or brow of a hill.
  9. The gradient of the road is too steep.

The council's policy also requires that for a DPPS to be considered that the applicant be severely disabled, unable to walk unaided or at all. This is to be confirmed by the production of a doctor's letter. The doctor's letter would only be required if all the above conditions are met.

If introduced the parking space would not be for your exclusive use and any resident with a blue badge could use it.

Please make your application in writing and email to or by letter to: Parking Services, Traffic Management, Guildhall, Swansea, SA1 4PE.

Please note: we currently have no budget available for schemes of this nature and this request would have to be held on file until the necessary funding became available.

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