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Direct Payments

Information about how you can arrange your own support by using a Direct Payment.

Direct Payments and Covid-19
The Direct Payments Team have published guidance around the use of Direct Payments and employment law during the Covid-19 pandemic: 

Unpaid Carers - Covid vaccination and how to get it (Swansea Bay University Health Board)

If you are eligible for support from Social Services, you may prefer to arrange your own support, rather than have services provided or arranged by us in order to have more flexibility, choice or control. We may be able to make a payment to you which will enable you to do this. This is called a Direct Payment.

Before you can receive a Direct Payment you would have to be assessed by Social Services and be eligible to receive services.

Direct Payments increase your independence and choice by giving you the control to purchase and manage your own support to meet the needs identified in your assessment. For example you might:

  • employ someone directly to help with your care (a Personal Assistant)
  • buy care from a private registered care agency
  • make your own arrangements instead of using Social Services day care or respite care.

It is possible to have some of your care needs provided by Social Services and arrange others yourself using a Direct Payment. 

More Information about Direct Payments

For more information go to Managing your support with Direct Payments (Factsheet 003). You can also download/print this information as a factsheet  PDF Document Managing your Support with Direct Payments (Factsheet 003) (PDF, 119KB)Opens new window 

Examples of Direct Payments in Use may give you some ideas of how a Direct Payment can be used.

We have also put together some Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Payments.

If you are considering using a Direct Payment to buy care from a domiciliary care agency, we have a factsheet to help you  PDF Document Information about Domiciliary Care Agencies for People who use Direct Payments (Factsheet 046) (PDF, 33KB)Opens new window

Social Care Personal Assistants

Personal assistants provide care and support as part of a commitment to what has come to be known as 'personalised care'.

If you already have, or are thinking about having a direct payment, find out more about employing a personal assistant.

If you are interested in working as a personal assistant , there are online resources to explain more about the role as well as further information, learning and support.

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