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Frequently asked questions about the development of Swansea Central Phase One

Main construction work is underway

What's happening on the site now?

Principal contractor Buckingham Group began main construction on November 27, 2019. It is planned that Swansea Central Phase One will be completed in 2021.

What happened on site from May-November 2019?

Buckingham undertook important work to prepare the site for the main build. This included moving heavy plant onto the site, undertaking archaeological excavations and removing a tall earth bank. A long old railway wall - which separates the site from the marina - remains to help future generations understand the importance of the rail line to Swansea in past times.

How are you making it easy to visit the LC, National Waterfront Museum and other locations now the Oystermouth Road car park is closed?

We improved the nearby St David's multi-storey car park and, working with partners, issued guidance for motorists wishing to access key locations. We worked closely with disability groups to address their needs.

Are there enough car parking spaces?

Yes! There will - in due course - be more than 900 car parking spaces developed as part of Swansea Central Phase One.

In the meantime, it remains easy to visit the LC, National Waterfront Museum and other attractions because there's parking space just across the road at the St David's multi-storey (460 spaces), in the St Mary's ground level car park and in the Quadrant multi-storey (517 spaces). Paxton Street car park (331 spaces) is very close by as are East Burrows car park (230 spaces), by the sail bridge, and Pockets Wharf (53 spaces).

Park and Ride continues to operate in Fabian Way and Landore.

City centre car parks

What about Christmas when there'll be extra traffic?

We're working closely with partners, businesses and the public to ensure that there is sufficient local car parking, easy park and ride access and plenty of publicity about the parking opportunities available.

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