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Lifelong Learning - Digital Photoshop editing for advanced photography

Further develop your skills in photo editing with Andrew Veckman.

Develop further your skills in photo editing and photography. Learn how to use advanced features of photo editing. Use Photoshop to produce great examples of digital art. Use RAW to get the most from your camera. Each week, students will be taught specific skills relating to camera controls, enabling them to fully utilise their camera's features, followed by editing these images using Photoshop to get the most out of them.

Photo editing

Explore further the types of software you can use for your photo editing projects. Consider the benefits of each and their availability, downloading programs for use.

RAW format

Overview of the RAW format. Lessons will include video demonstrations followed by time for discussion and feedback.

Fundamental editing

Use Photoshop and some of its more advanced features, to get the best from your images.

Photographic genres

Landscape, portrait, architecture, abstract, HDR, stacking, panoramas, creative editing techniques.

Sessions will typically include:

  • Pre-recorded tuition video.
  • Live question and answer sessions.
  • Printable handouts to practice and review the topics taught.


Start date:

Thursday 29 April 2021.

Live sessions on Thursdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm

These 10 week online courses will include pre-recorded videos, printable session handouts and live online question and answer sessions.

Lessons will be provided via Google Classrooms. A video tutorial will be provided to help students access Google Classrooms.

Note: students will need a Google account to access our classroom resources. For help in setting up a Google account and accessing our online learning, you can call us on 01792 637101.


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