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Lifelong Learning - Digital photography for beginners

This live online course is an introduction to digital photography and will help students understand their equipment and camera functions with Andrew Hulling.

The course will suit students who are new to digital photography and those who have some knowledge and would like to gain new knowledge and skills to improve their photographs and understanding of photography.

Students will be expected to practice what they have learnt between sessions and may sometimes be set tasks to aid their learning. Two or three class field trips will take place as part of this 10 week course.

Sessions will include:

  • Main camera modes and menu settings.
  • Manual settings.
  • Composition - form, line and colour.
  • Understanding of basic photographic principles.
  • Understanding the 'Exposure Triangle' - shutter speed, ISO and aperture (F/stop and depth of field).
  • How to get good exposure - and obtain creative control.
  • Fieldtrip photography followed by image analysis, feedback and discussion.
  • Lenses: telephoto, wide angle and zoom.
  • Macro (close up) photography.
  • Uploading images onto the computer and saving to memory stick, and file management if required.
  • Introduction to the main uses of the image editing software; Photoshop, and GIMP.

Live online tuition. 

Printable handouts will be provided during the sessions.

Start date:

Thursday 29 April 2021.

Live sessions on Thursdays 2.00pm - 4.00pm

This 10 week online course will include live online sessions and printable handouts. Two field trips will be planned to take place during the course, but this will depend on Welsh Government guidelines in respect of Covid-19.

Lessons will be provided via Google Classrooms. A video tutorial will be provided to help students access Google Classrooms.

Note: students will need a Google account to access our classroom resources. For help in setting up a Google account and accessing our online learning, you can call us on 01792 637101.


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