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Lifelong Learning - Digital photo art

Create exciting art with your photographs.


A course suitable for beginners.

This course will use various free image editing software which you will need to download to your PC, tablet or smartphone. You will learn the basic principles of photography and how to edit photos in a creative way.

Using your edited images, together with a word processor or publishing package (Google, Microsoft or equivalent) you will create posters for events, presentations of your photographic work, calendars, cards, abstracts and other artworks. Through the use of various art materials, you will learn how to manipulate your photos in the styles of famous photographers.

Sessions will cover:

  • Exploring the works of other photographers. Students will be given a selection of photographers to research, based on different photography styles.
  • Creating your own artwork in the styles of selected photographers, you will use various photo editing apps, to apply the researched styles to your own images.
  • Your created artwork will be used in your own publications (for example, posters, calendars etc.)

The course will look at a number of photography styles and will have short assignments included. Assignments will be submitted to tutors for discussion and/or feedback.

Start date: Week commencing 21 September 2020

This 10 week online course will include printable session guides, example handouts, assignments and links to useful websites.

Lessons will be provided via Google Classrooms. A video tutorial will be provided to help students access Google Classrooms.

Note: students will need a Google account to access our classroom resources. For help in setting up a Google account and accessing our online learning, you can call us on 01792 637101.


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