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DesignPrint frequently asked questions

We've gathered some of our most frequently asked questions to try and help you with any queries you may have.

I don't really know what I require?

DesignPrint staff are committed to customer service. We encourage you to discuss your requirements before you make any decisions on the type of print you need, as we may be able to save you time and stretch your budget.

I cannot come up with any ideas?

Don't try to design your own leaflet using an office application, such as Microsoft Word. You could be wasting valuable time constructing a design yourself and it may not have the impact you require.

Come along with an idea of what you require by all means, any pictures you have and if possible, the text, and discuss your requirements with a designer first hand. Make use of their extensive experience and skill to produce your design.

What about the quality of my pictures?

The quality of pictures can sometimes let a brochure down. The better the picture the better the quality which we can print from it. However, it is better to use a picture which is relevant to the brochure so we can enhance or add an effect to a picture to improve it to a certain extent if required.

If you are not able to supply images DesignPrint offers a catalogue of stock images to enhance all types of publication.

Can I use digital pictures?

Yes, by all means.

A further pitfall with digital pictures is screen resolution. The picture should be 300dpi (dots per inch) at actual size when printed. This means if a picture is to be blown up to twice the size the resolution must also be twice the size at 600dpi.

Please discuss this with a designer before taking the pictures if possible.

Images taken from the internet are usually low resolution and are not suitable for printing purposes. Their use may also be subject to copyright restrictions and you could be breaking copyright law by using them. If in doubt, and you don't have written permission, it is better not to use them.

Can I check the job before it is printed?

You will receive a proof to check, and the proofing stage will continue until the job is completed to your satisfaction. When you are happy for the job to be printed, sign your name on the proof sheet provided and send it back to your designer with the proof. We will not go ahead with production without your authorisation.

How long will DesignPrint take to produce my order?

Even with the best intentions, it is easy to leave design and print as an afterthought.

Contact one of our team if you need advice on timescales, each design for each event is different, some ideas take longer to produce than others.

Remember for bilingual documents the translation can sometimes take time to produce and check.


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Last modified on 13 August 2021