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Buildings that are not in use or have fallen into disrepair can be demolished. This is often to make way for new developments or to remove a danger.

Swansea Building Control check that when buildings are demolished the task is carried out safely and with minimum disturbance to the public.

Most demolitions are controlled by Sections 80, 81 and 82 of the 1984 Building Act. Consent may also be needed from the council under the Town and Country Planning Act.

The person carrying out the demolition has to formally tell the council and any adjoining owners that they plan to demolish.

We can when necessary require:

  • adjoining buildings that may have become exposed as a result of the demolition to be shored up and weatherproofed
  • the removal of materials and rubbish from the demolition site
  • the disconnection and sealing of drains
  • general making good of the surface of the ground previously occupied by the building.

If you fail to give notice that you plan to demolish, or to meet the council's requirements, you may be liable for a fine.

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