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Day opportunities - frequently asked questions

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about day opportunities

How can I find out what day support buildings are open?

This information is on Emergency day support building plan - July 2021 (PDF) [47KB] and it is updated regularly.

Why haven't all day support services re-opened?

The day support buildings that are currently open have been identified to be opened first in response to demand. As demand increases, day support provision, although not operating as before the pandemic, will aim, where possible, to offer support to individuals in their usual service building, guided by risk assessments.

I really need some day support for the person I care for. Will I get it?

Please discuss your individual needs with your care manager.

If you are unsure who your allocated care manager is and you access learning disability services please contact the Community Learning Disability Team on 01792 614100, and if you access other services please contact the Common Access Point at or on 01792 636519.

If I am allocated support, will I be able to go to my day support for the same number of days that I used to go?

No, as we are currently only offering emergency day support. We have a reduced number of places due to the requirement for social distancing and infection control. Therefore, we need to prioritise individuals who are now struggling to remain at home without some form of day support. The day support services that will be offered will be assessed on current need and other support available to the person, such as family networks, direct payments, domiciliary care.

If I am allocated day support will I be able to attend the service I attended before the closure?

Where the buildings are open, we will make the greatest effort to allocate individuals to the service(s) they are familiar with. However, due to the restricted availability this may not always be possible. As buildings reopen, individuals may be able to transfer to the service they previously attended.

If I am allocated day support, who will let me know?

The Day Service Manager will be in touch to let you know if you are allocated day support.

Will I lose my previous entitlement to day support if I am not assessed as being able to access it at the moment?

No, the current arrangements are due to the coronavirus, having to operate at reduced capacity to enable social distancing and infection control and ensuring the service is as safe as possible. Following this period, we will hopefully resume normal practice but unfortunately we are unable to be precise on a date for when this will be.

When will my normal day support allocation be reinstated?

We will take a cautious and phased approach to increasing numbers of individuals attending the services. In order to manage this safely, and in line with Welsh Government legal requirements, we will be revising our risk assessments. We aim to reinstate people's allocations once we are in a position to fully reopen but unfortunately we are unable to be precise on a date for when this will be.

Will services look and feel different?

We have changed day support services to make sure they are safe for you to return so some things will look and feel different. It does mean that activities on offer will be limited due to social distancing requirements both within the service and in the community.

I need a break and want my relative to return to services but I am an older carer with health needs; how will I know that services are safe to return to?

Services follow Welsh Government guidelines and have risk assessments and procedures in place to make them as Covid secure and safe as possible. You are welcome to contact the Day Service Manager to discuss your concerns further.

How will I get to the day support service?

We hope that your relatives / carers will be able to bring you to the day support that you are attending due to the restrictions of social distancing on transport. Travelling with a family member is the safest way to get to the day support service. We are able to consider very limited support if this is not possible.

If I have an alternative to a day support service, for example, direct payment how much support will I get?

Please discuss your individual needs with your care manager.

If I am not assessed as needing to return to day support services, what alternatives are available to me?

Please discuss your individual needs with your care manager.

Is there a possibility that day support services will have to close again if there is another surge in coronavirus?

We are planning for a range of scenarios and further closure of services is a possibility if we experience a further surge in cases. However, we will consider, where possible and if it is safe, to continue providing a day support although this may be at a reduced level. Care managers can discuss your needs if day support is to be reduced or cease.