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Get on your bike with great cycling routes in Swansea for travel and leisure, part of the National Cycle Network (routes 4 and 43) and the Celtic Trail West.

Cyclist overlooking Mumbles.

Cycling improves your health and wellbeing whilst reducing your carbon footprint and is a fun, more sustainable substitute for short car journeys.

It's quicker than you think to travel by bike and helps reduce congestion on the roads for people who have to drive. 

Cycle hubs Cycle hubs


Maps and routes

There are a number of family-friendly cycle routes as well as more challenging mountain bike tracks in and around Swansea and Gower.

Swansea Prom is a flat 5-mile stretch that follows the sweep of Swansea Bay, ideal for cycling.

Public bridleways are for use by walkers, horse riders and cyclists. However, cyclists are required to give way to both walkers and horse riders: Public rights of way map

Many parks and outdoor spaces have shared use paths: A-Z parks, nature reserves and outdoor spaces

More information on cycling for fun in Swansea Bay and Gower: Cycling in Swansea Bay (Visit Swansea Bay) (opens new window)

We constantly work to improve the active travel network in Swansea.

Swansea Bay cycle map (PDF) [23MB] - a detailed map of cycle routes and shared use paths - although this map gives a detailed overview, it was produced in 2018 so newer active travel routes are missing.

Swansea Bayways map (PDF) [1MB] - highlights key locations and links to other means of transport such as rail, bus and cycle hire hubs. 

Report a problem or find out more about the maintenance of cycling and active travel routes Road and footpath maintenance


'Santander Cycles' bike hire scheme

Students, staff and members of the public can hire bicycles positioned at six docking stations around Swansea Bay, providing a fun, healthy and affordable way to get around the city.

Bicycles can be hired and returned at docking stations in the following six locations:  

  1. Swansea University Singleton Park Campus
  2. Civic Centre
  3. National Waterfront Museum
  4. Fabian Way Park and Ride
  5. Swansea University Bay Campus
  6. Mumbles Promenade (by Southend Gardens)

You can find out everything you need to know about registering for Santander Cycles Swansea, including information on how to find, rent, park and return the bikes over on the scheme website: Santander Cycles Swansea University ( (opens new window)

Managed by Swansea University, in partnership with bikeshare provider nextbike and Santander.


The Highway Code

The Highway Code (rules for cyclists) provides rules for cyclists which will help keep you and other road users safe: The Highway Code - rules for cyclists (GOV.UK) (opens new window)

Understanding the signs along cycle paths and routes will help you to get to your destination safely. The Highway Code shows many of the signs that are commonly used on active travel routes and main roads: The Highway Code - traffic signs (GOV.UK) (opens new window)


Improving safety

Here are some additional suggestions that will also help keep you safe whilst cycling: 

Be safe

  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear
  • Make sure you are visible to others
  • Check your brakes, tyres and lights regularly

Be vigilant

  • Be alert to potential dangers 
  • Be ready to slow down or stop 
  • Avoid overtaking unnecessarily 
  • Keep a safe distance from others 

Be considerate

  • Keep left where possible 
  • Avoid swerving suddenly 
  • Be aware of other users 
  • Give way to pedestrians 
  • Use your bell or call out to alert others  
  • Please use our paths with consideration for all users 


Looking after your bike is as easy as A-B-C

A is for air 
Keep tyres pumped and check the wheels go round unimpeded. If they don't, look for brakes or mudguards rubbing. 

B is for brakes 
The most important part of a bike! To check the front brake, push the bike forward and then apply the lever (usually the right hand one). The bike should stop. For the back brake do the same but push the bike backwards. If in doubt, get it checked.  

C is for chains, cables and cogs 
Look for frayed cables, lubricate the chain and check that the handlebars and saddle don't move. 


Buying a bike

There are many ways you can get a hold of a bike. If you wish to purchase a bike, there are plenty of specialist shops in Swansea that provide great service, helping you acquire that dream bike! Find a shop (The Cycling Experts) (opens new window)

'Cycle to work' schemes also are a great means of buying a bike through your workplace. Be sure to check with your employer if they're already signed up, as it might save you money on a new work bike. 


Hiring a bike

You can rent a bike through a cycle hire scheme. The popular Santander Cycles (opens new window) scheme mentioned above offers cycle hire from six docking stations around Swansea Bay and Tawe Bikes (opens new window) offers a hire service from three hubs along National Cycle Network Route 43 (Swansea Valley). In addition, BikeAbility Wales (opens new window) offer a range of bikes for hire that enable people of all ages and abilities to access cycling. This includes specialist cycle hire, two-wheel bike hire, and cycle training.  


Maintaining your bike

Cycles will need maintenance and repairing after prolonged use and it is important to keep your bike in good working order. Thankfully, there are plenty of bike repair providers in Swansea that will get your bike back up and running:

Bike maintenance course providers


Safe cycle parking

There are many easy things you can do to ensure that your bike is parked safe and securely. This can range from choosing a good bike lock to parking in a well-lit location.

Cycle hubs


Cycle training

We provide cycle training to schoolchildren to National Standard Level 1, 2 and 3 and helps prepare them to become independent road users, but cycle skills courses are a great way to gain confidence in cycling at any stage of life. Below are some providers in the Swansea area:


Cycle groups

There are plenty of cycle groups and clubs in Swansea - here are just some of them:

Cycle hubs

Leave your bike in a safe place throughout the day or overnight. We have secure lockers in the Quadrant car park in the city centre and at Fabian Way park and ride site.
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Last modified on 28 June 2023