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Report a change of circumstances which may affect your Council Tax Reduction

If you receive Council Tax Reduction and your circumstances (or those of a member of your household) change you must contact us immediately because this can affect your entitlement to the reduction. You must also tell us if you change address.

A Council Tax Reduction is based on your income details and household circumstances.  If you are not in receipt of a Council Tax Reduction but have had a change in your circumstances which may affect a Council Tax discount you should report any changes here.

Your Privacy

Swansea Council is the data controller for the personal information you provide on this form. Your information will be used in the exercise of our official authority and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not share your data with third parties unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.

Data protection law describes the legal basis for our processing your data as necessary for the performance of a public task. For further information about how Swansea Council uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see our corporate privacy notice on our website.

Click here to Report a change of circumstances online.  If you do not currently have a claim and wish to make a NEW claim for Council Tax Reduction you should click here.

The easiest way to tell us about a change is to complete our online form. 

The Benefits section can be contacted on 01792 635353 between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday.  Alternatively you may e-mail

If you do not tell us about a change in your circumstances within a month of the change you could lose out on any increase in benefit or if there is a decrease in benefit, you could end up with an overpayment, which you will have to pay back.

What changes should I tell you about?

These are some examples of changes you should tell us about. If you are not sure about whether to report a change, please contact us to check.

  • You or your partner become entitled to Universal Credit or have a change to your Universal Credit award.
  • You, your partner or someone else in your household has a change in their income or capital*.
  • If you, your partner or a household member stop receiving Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit or Universal Credit.
  • If you or your partner receive Pension Savings Credit and your capital* goes over £16,000.
  • If you, your partner or a household member start work.
  • If the amount of your childcare payments change.
  • The number of people living in your home changes.
  • If you change address.
  • If any of your children leave school.
  • If you or your partner go to prison.
  • If you or your partner decide to stay permanently in a residential care or nursing home.
  • If you leave your address for a temporary period eg if you go on holiday, into hospital or into residential care.
  • You or your partner become a student and / or there is a change to your student income.

*capital - any account with a bank or other organisation, savings, investments, property or land.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit you need to report any changes in your circumstances to the Universal Credit Services Centre telephone line on 0345 6000 723 or 0845 6000 723, they will then inform us of the change to your Universal Credit. 

Click here to Send us electronic copies of documents using our online form.  

Download and complete the form below and then email to You may also supply any supporting evidence via email.

​If you need to hand in original documentation in support of a new or existing benefit claim or have a complex query that you would like to discuss face to face, our Contact Centre will be open from 28 April 2021 on an appointment only basis.  You may request an appointment by visiting

For more information about how self-employment affects Council Tax Reduction check our self-employment information page.

If you cannot provide some of this evidence please contact us and we can talk about other ways we can get the proof, perhaps from another source.

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