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How much is my Council Tax?

The amount of Council Tax you have to pay is based on the Council Tax valuation band value into which your property is placed and the number of adults who live there.

Council Tax is charged on a daily basis and an annual bill is sent covering each financial year starting on the 1 April.

It will assume your circumstances as at 1 April will exist for the whole year. If your circumstances change during the year, the charge will be adjusted to reflect this.

Use our virtual bill to find out the charges for different properties around Swansea.

The Council Tax charge varies slightly from ward to ward depending whether there is a tax levied by a community council in your ward.

Council Tax rates in Swansea 2024-25
WardBand A
Band B
Band C
Band D
Band E
Band F
Band G
Band H
Band I
Grovesend and Waungron1,357.711,584.001,810.282,036.572,489.142,941.713,394.284,073.144,752.00
Llangennith, Llanmadoc and Cheriton1,339.891,563.211,786.522,009.842,456.472,903.103,349.734,019.684,689.63
Llanrhidian Higher1,404.971,639.141,873.302,107.472,575.803,044.133,512.444,214.944,917.44
Llanrhidian Lower1,343.351,567.241,791.132,015.032,462.822,910.603,358.384,030.064,701.74
Pontlliw and Tircoed1,355.491,581.411,807.322,033.242,485.072,936.903,388.734,066.484,744.23
Port Eynon1,341.091,564.611,788.122,011.642,458.672,905.703,352.734,023.284,693.83
Three Crosses1,358.021,584.361,810.702,037.042,489.722,942.393,395.064,074.084,753.10
Upper Killay1,351.101,576.291,801.472,026.662,477.032,927.403,377.764,053.324,728.88
All other parts of the Swansea Council area1,329.741,551.371,772.991,994.622,437.872,881.123,324.363,989.244,654.12

Council Tax valuations and bands


The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) (opens new window) maintains the Council Tax Valuation List which decides the value of your property based on its capital value on 1 April 2003. Even if it was built after that year, it will still be valued using 2003 values. If the property is, or has been, altered or extended since 2003, the banding may have been affected and if this change has increased the value of the property, the valuation Office Agency can increase the band of your property from when they enter the alteration into the Council Tax Valuation list.


The Council Tax bands are set by the Welsh Government and the current range of valuations in each band are:

  • Band A = under £44,000
  • Band B = £44,001 to £65,000
  • Band C = £65,001 to £91,000
  • Band D = £91,001 to £123,000
  • Band E = £123,001 to £162,000
  • Band F = £162,001 to £223,000
  • Band G = £223,001 to £324,000
  • Band H = £324,001 to £424,000
  • Band I = £424,001 and above

You can find which band your property is in on your bill.

More information on bands and valuations is available on the VOA section of the GOV.UK website:

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