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There are 75 elected councillors from a range of political groups who are the council's decision makers, agreeing policies and spending priorities.

Each councillor is elected to represent a specific area (electoral ward). They will act on behalf of that community making decisions about local services, budgets and the overall level of council services.

Your Councillors

This section provides information about your local councillor including contact details, councillor expenses, the political makeup of the council, cabinet portfolios, councillor champions, registers of interest and a list of which councillors are chairs/vice chairs.

Cabinet Members

The Cabinet consists of the Leader and the Councillors he appoints as Cabinet Members.

Political make up of the Council

The political composition of the council as of 9 May 2022. The council is controlled by the Labour party.

Councillor Champions

The Councillor Champions are chosen by the leader of the Council.

Councillors Handbook

The Councillors Handbook provides a one stop guidance document for Councillors. The Handbook is broken down into four sections: Financial Information, Support Services provided by the Cabinet Office and Democratic Services, Protocols and Role Descriptions.

Councillors code of conduct

The framework sets out how the council operates and how decisions are made together with the procedures which are followed to ensure that decisions and functions are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Councillors' ICT Allowances Policy

There are 3 types of ICT Allowances available to Councillors / Co-opted Members. They are defined in their relevant sections within this Policy.

Be a Councillor

Councillors are elected by the community they represent to decide how the council should carry out its various activities.

Cabinet Office - contact details

Cabinet Office - contact details
01792 636141

Democratic Services - contact details

Democratic Services - contact details
01792 636923

Elections + voting

The Electoral Services office oversees the running of Elections for the City and County of Swansea. They are also responsible for managing the Electoral Register.