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A Councillor's Guide to the Public Services Board

This guide gives you the information you need as a councillor to work with Swansea Public Services Board and hold it to account.

For general information about Swansea Public Services Board please see the A General Guide to the Public Services Board.

The relationship between the Board and the Council

The Council is a statutory member of the Board and both the Leader and the Chief Executive (or their representatives) are required to participate by law.

The Leader of the Council chairs the Board and other Cabinet Members take part as invited participants when, for example, they are chairing affiliated partnerships.

The Council is required to undertake scrutiny of Swansea Public Services Board and to nominate a committee for this purpose.  As Swansea only has one scrutiny committee the Scrutiny Programme Committee automatically performs this role.  Some of the work of scrutinising the Board has been delegated by the Scrutiny Programme Committee to a Public Services Board Scrutiny Panel.  The Committee, however, retains statutory responsibility.

The Council is also required to provide administrative support for the Board although funding this support is the responsibility of all of the members.

The role of Welsh Government

Welsh Ministers must be invited to participate in the Board and may nominate a representative to attend on their behalf.

Welsh Ministers are not required to approve either the Wellbeing Assessment or the Wellbeing Plan.  They can, however, direct the Board to review its local well-being plan or refer a plan to the relevant local authority scrutiny committee if it is not considered sufficient.  This may be, for example, due to an adverse report by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales or a Ministerial concern that statutory duties are not being met.


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