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Council housing improvements

We have now reached the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) and in doing so, have delivered a huge programme of repairs and improvements to our council homes across Swansea.

What has been delivered?

The WHQS was introduced 18 years ago and in that time we have invested over £546 million on its homes and in recent years we have spent over £50 million per year. The Welsh Government has supported our programme and provided £165 million through its Major Repair Allowance towards undertaking these repairs.

The money has been used to deliver a wide range of improvements:

  • Within our homes, we have provided new kitchens and bathrooms, new efficient boilers, installed complete new electrical wiring, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Externally, we have carried out wind and weatherproofing which includes new roofs, wall repairs, doors, windows and lots of insulation measures. We have also repaired and improved gardens, making them more safe and manageable areas and made improvements to local environments. We have invested over £2m per year on adapting homes making them easier places to live for those tenants with physical and health issues.
This table sets out compliance levels at 31 March 2022
WHQS elementProperties
% of fully
Heating systems13,37898%
Energy rating11,84787%
Electrical systems13,56399%
Smoke alarms13,628100%

The future

We will carry on repairing and maintaining our homes and ensure remain compliant with the WHQS. Welsh Government are already working on new standards which will further improve and enhance our homes in the future. We expect to be able to share more information with you in 2023.