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Council housing

Local authority housing or council housing is long term, low cost accommodation. You can apply for council housing online in this section.

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Applying for council housing
You will need to complete an application to join Swansea Council's housing needs register.  This can be done over the telephone with a Housing Options adviser or by using our online form.  We may ask you to send supporting information or other evidence and we may need to visit your accommodation to confirm your circumstances.  We also have a Map of council housing areas in Swansea so you can see where we have council properties suitable for you.

You will be awarded housing need points depending on your housing circumstances.  The Council's rehousing policy determines the type of circumstances where we can award points eg overcrowding, medical circumstances etc.

We will write to you to tell you whether you are eligible for our housing needs register, your housing need points and the type of property that you have been registered for, including the areas you have chosen.  If we have all the information we need, your application will usually be assessed within 6 weeks.  Once your points have been awarded you can contact an adviser at Housing Options who will give further advice on area choices and likely waiting times.

An advisor at Housing Options will be able to provide you with your approximate position on the housing needs register and advise you whether you are in the top 10 or 20 etc.  Please remember positions can change on a daily basis as new applications are assessed and / or people are housed or cancelled.

Generally there is a shortage of available properties and a large demand for accommodation.  Some areas are particularly popular, resulting in a high demand and longer waiting times.  Certain areas have a low number of council properties, again resulting in longer waiting times.  You need to consider all of this when applying and selecting your areas.  

In all cases, Council and Housing Association properties will go to people most in need, and we cannot offer Council or Housing Association accommodation to everyone who applies.  You should therefore also consider renting in the private sector as an option.

Your adviser will be as realistic as possible with you and provide you with other housing options including how we can help you stay where you are and renting from a private landlord.  Further information is available in the PDF Document Your Housing Options (PDF, 302KB)Opens new window leaflet.

You will be contacted by the appropriate District Housing Office if they are able to offer you permanent accommodation.

The Council have a furnished tenancies scheme and may also be able to offer you a furnished property.

If you need to complete an application for Housing, please contact Housing Options.

More information is also available in the Applying for Council Housing leaflet.

Applying for council housing

You can now apply for council housing using our online form.

Map of council housing areas in Swansea

This map shows where Swansea Council has properties with numbers and types

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