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Coronavirus - Help for children and young people

Details of help and services on offer for children and young people during Coronavirus (Covid-19) to help manage life in lockdown and during the pandemic.

Covid-19 is affecting all of us in all sorts of ways, but while services may have had to change shape and focus we want to let children and young people, their families and professionals know there is support.

As part of its #StayConnected campaign for all young people living in Swansea, these pages will highlight a whole range of emotional and wellbeing services,  helplines and support to meet whatever the worry or need that arises.

Whatever the question or worry, however silly or trivial it might seem to some, it's about helping children and young people deal with what matters and what is happening to them.

Coronavirus - Stay connected and stay informed

If you have questions or need someone to talk to then you can, online or by phone.

Extra support and advice for children and young people

Supporting the psychological well-being of children, young people and families during the changes brought by Coronavirus.

Keeping children and young people safe

If you are worried about the safety of a child or young person, services are available throughout the pandemic.

Early years activities

Many of the activities we have recommended are suitable for all ages but if you are looking for something just for your pre school age children then try some of these ideas.

Activities for additional learning needs

If your child has additional learning needs you may all be finding this time at home challenging. There are lots of ideas suitable for everyone in the other activities but sometimes you may need that extra bit of support.
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