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Community Area Profiles

Six Community Areas in Swansea have been identified to analyse local area differences in well-being.

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 requires each Public Services Board in Wales to prepare an assessment of local well-being; an analysis of the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of its area.  The assessment must also set out and analyse 'community areas' within the area (the City and County of Swansea); which should be locality areas with a sense of identity but large enough to show differences between them.

For the purposes of the assessment, Swansea is split into six community areas, consisting of groups of adjacent 'Lower Super Output Areas' (LSOAs) - a statistical geography:

Initial statistical profiles of these areas have been developed, based on our ward profile format, in part to assist the local analysis of well-being.  The data included generally represents the sum of LSOA level statistics for each area, or the nearest available geography (eg household income and house prices at Middle Super Output Area or MSOA level).

The areas range in population (mid-2017 estimates) from 29,100 (Bay West) to 58,300 (Cwm Tawe), and in area from 9.2 square kilometres (Penderi) to 157.6 (Bay West).

Further information on the assessment of local well-being and the Public Services Board in Swansea is also available. 

If you have any queries on these profiles, or require any further statistical information about the community areas in Swansea, please contact us.

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