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Communities First Profiles

Local statistical profiles of the five Communities First areas in Swansea.

'Communities First' is a community focused programme that supports the Welsh Government's tackling poverty agenda. Statistical profiles have been developed for each of the five Communities First 'cluster' areas in Swansea. The cluster areas consist of groups of complete Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs), although not always adjacent. Details of their composition, including maps, are in each individual profile:

These statistical profiles supplement the Ward Profiles available elsewhere. Where appropriate, the data included represents the sum of the LSOA level statistics for that area, individual component LSOAs (e.g. for the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation), or the nearest available geography (e.g. household income estimates at Middle Super Output Area or MSOA level).

If you have any queries on these profiles, or require any further statistical information on the Communities First areas in Swansea, please contact us.

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