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Swansea Central Area Regeneration Framework

The strategic guidance which sets the regeneration agenda for Swansea City Centre.

The aim of Swansea Central Area Regeneration Framework (SCARF) is to make Swansea's central area an attractive destination for people to live, work and visit. The central area must have a vibrant mix of leisure, cultural, retail office and residential uses all delivered in a legible way, with quality buildings and public spaces with a sense of place, which promotes local culture and differentiates Swansea from other cities.

The SCARF presents a masterplan which focuses on:

  • Creating a living, working and learning area
  • Developing a retail leisure-led mixed use centre
  • Connecting to the city waterfront
  • Creating a green artery

The proposals for these areas are set in the context of a series of strategic objectives and themes based around sustainability, economic prosperity, design, accessibility and movement, and distinctiveness and innovation.

The SCARF promotes a range of deliverable schemes across the short medium and long term time frames to stimulate regeneration, which could be funded through a combination of both public and private sector investment.

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