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Child Disability Index

Every local authority is required by law to maintain a register of children and young people within their area with any disability which has a 'marked impact' on their daily life.

In Swansea this register of disabled children is known as the 'Child Disability Index'.

Examples of children who are registered on the Index include those with:

  • Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Behavioural/social/emotional difficulties
  • A medical condition
  • A physical disability
  • Sensory impairment
  • A learning disability/difficulty
  • Multiple disabilities.

The purpose of Swansea's Child Disability Index is to:

  • Collect and supply information for planning for future years and the immediate future 
  • Act as a gateway for the Local Authority and its partners to ask children, young people and their families what they think and want
  • Provide statistical information to the Government.

How to register

Registration on the Child Disability Index is voluntary.

Registration on the Index can be completed by a parent, a main carer, or the young person in question (depending on their age and understanding).

Child Disability Index - Register online Child Disability Index - Register online

If you want to talk to someone about registering on the Index or have any other enquiries about the Index you can contact the Child Disability Index Administrator.

Child Disability Index - Register online

Use our online form to register with the Child Disability Index.

Child Disability Index frequently asked questions

A list of our most frequently asked questions about the Child Disability Index.
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