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Castle Square

A new regeneration scheme is proposed for Castle Square, to raise its quality and to make it more active, distinctive and vibrant.

A revitalised public space with new uses will bring Castle Square in line with the wider programme of regeneration already taking place in Swansea, reinforcing the aim of making it an attractive city to live, work and visit. A modern, functional and well-maintained public space is needed, where people will want to spend quality time and relax, which can still accommodate a range of events and cultural experiences. 

An initial concept scheme has been prepared for the square, which takes on board all these requirements. The plans for the square currently include:

  • A new welcoming space with more useable green space, and landscaping increased from 25% of the current area to more than 40% to bring in more character, colour and biodiversity.
  • A greater number of trees - with most existing trees remaining. 
  • New food and drink units -cafes or restaurants set within an attractive new family friendly space, with canopies providing shade and shelter for people to sit outside and relax.
  • The existing water fountain will be removed, and it will be replaced with a fun water jets feature with mini-fountains rising from the paved area.
  • An upgraded paved area which is accessible to all and pedestrian friendly.
  • Improvements to make Caer Street and Castle Bailey Street to make them more pedestrian-friendly and improve connectivity with the city's castle and an improved Wind Street.
  • The amount of space for people to gather, sit out and relax would remain the same. It would remain a pivotal focal point for events and gatherings such as those held there before the pandemic.

A new-look Castle Square could open as early as late next year. 

Castle Square proposed view from Princess Way roundabout

Castle Square vision (view from Princess Way roundabout).

Castle Square layout

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Castle Square FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Castle Square redevelopment project.
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