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Care attendant permit

This type of permit can be issued to organisations or companies that provide care so their staff can park in residents parking bays when calling on clients to provide care.

In this case, a care attendant is someone looking after a resident's physical wellbeing by doing things like personal care, cooking and cleaning for them, in situations where they need to be at the resident's home.

The application form must be filled in by a manager in the company/ organisation that employs the carer. A charge of £25.00 is made for each permit.

The permit is valid in resident parking bays or limited waiting bays where permits are allowed. It is NOT for use on other waiting restrictions or in the City Centre Pedestrian Zone or in Pay and Display Car Parks. The permit may be used only for a visit to a client in their own home and, for example, it should not be used to park a vehicle near the carer's office. Misuse of a care attendant permit will result in its withdrawal.

Permits are not issued for vehicles over 3,500 kg maximum gross weight or vehicles that are more than 2.35m high and 5.35m long (roughly Transit van size). The permit is not transferable and remains the property of the City and County of Swansea. If a permit is lost or destroyed, a charge of £25 will be made for a replacement.

How to apply

Apply online for a care attendant permit Apply online for a care attendant permit

You can apply and pay for up to three care attendants using this form and will be able to pay at the same time as completing the form. Remember, the form must be filled in by a manager in the company/ organisation that employs the carer.

You will need to provide a scanned copy of letter from your company / organisation confirming the named members of staff work for you as a carer. The letter should be on headed notepaper. You will be able to upload a copy of this letter to the application form. 


You must submit your fee with the application. 

When will you receive your permit?

Once you have made your application, the permit will normally be posted to you within 5 working days as long as the form is fully completed, the payment made and all the supporting evidence supplied. Please allow time for the postal service to deliver the permit to you.

If you have not given all the necessary evidence, your application for a permit will be refused.

If you have any queries about an application for a care attendant permit, please telephone Contact Swansea on 01792 637366. 

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