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Lifelong Learning - Calligraphy for beginners to improvers

This course will give learners the opportunity to learn the art of 'beautiful writing' with focus on Roman Capitals and Italic lettering.

Unlock your creativity in the art of beautiful writing. Enhance your greetings cards, invites, letters and everything else you write, learning calligraphy techniques with our experienced tutor, whether you are experienced or a beginner. Join our class and be inspired by this ancient art to add extra layers of meaning and value to your own writing.

You will have a choice of studying roman capitals or italic lettering based on historical examples. Learners will be encouraged to select and study a modern calligrapher or historic example to develop a better understanding of the craft. Beginners will be shown in simple steps the basics of good calligraphy such as the best materials to buy, letter construction, pen angle, letter height and spacing. More experienced learners will analyse a script or calligrapher in order to enhance their own lettering skills and develop their own style. The year will culminate in learners creating their own hand-written small book.

You will also learn:

  • How to use an edged pen to create thick and thin strokes
  • How to create an alphabet of letterforms which are consistent
  • How to ensure crisp letters
  • Ruling up and spacing letters
  • Script analysis
  • How to make a simple book.

Term 1 - Beginners - learn the basics of writing with a broad edged pen. Improvers - study a piece of historical calligraphy or modern calligrapher to develop own version of style.

Term 2 - Beginners develop understanding of spacing between words, letters, lines and margins. Improvers develop variations of your chosen style to create exciting letterforms.

Term 3 - All learners work on creating a book filled with your lettering to show off your new found skills.

Suitable for: Mixed ability.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Course fee: £69 - full fee / £48 concessionary fee.

What you will need

Basic materials will be provided for the first session. Your tutor will advise you about essential kit for subsequent sessions. A typical calligraphy kit will cost around £25.

Course date

Course time

Course venue

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Wednesday 25 September 20197.00pm - 9.00pmKiosk Pavilion, Victoria ParkJudith PorchCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Wednesday 15 January 20207.00pm - 9.00pmKiosk Pavilion, Victoria Park (subject to change)Judith Porch1022 
Thursday 16 January 20202.30pm - 4.30pmMorriston Library Community RoomJudith Porch1062
Wednesday 22 April 20207.00pm - 9.00pmKiosk Pavilion, Victoria ParkJudith Porch1023
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