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Frequently asked questions about bus services

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about bus services.

Does the council subsidise public transport?

There are 26 contracts in place to support local bus services in areas where the public transport provided by commercial bus operators is considered to be inadequate.

Payments to operators£1,319,000£1,178,021£1,201,757
Number of passengers carried on subsidised services931,856856,436887,498
Concessionary bus pass holders62,43366,31264,581
Number of journeys by concessionary bus pass holders4,647,5164,672,3544,647,645
Number of bus stops1,8451,845 

We also support 4 community transport schemes, 5 community minibus routes and the Wheels 2 Work Scheme.

The cost is £1.3 million of which £0.5 million is Welsh Government grant funding.

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