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Frequently asked questions about bus and community transport services

Answers to the most common questions we get asked about bus and community transport services.

Does the council subsidise public transport?

There are 26 contracts in place to support local bus services in areas where the public transport provided by commercial bus operators is considered to be inadequate.

Subsidised public transport
Payments to operators£1,506,862£1,565,500£1,445,913£1,319,000£1,178,021
Number of passengers carried on subsidised services(a)1,034,8051,003,983931,856856,436
Concessionary bus pass holders52,45752,18764,47562,43366,312
Number of journeys by concessionary bus pass holders1,178,572 (b)4,672,1014,857,6004,647,5164,672,354
Number of bus stops1,9571,9571,9611,8451,845

(a) Unknown due to extended periods of non/limited operation due to Covid 19 restrictions
(b) Reduction due to Covid 19 lockdowns and reduced levels of bus services operated

*Additional note re 2019/20 and 20/21: figures may have been affected as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns (first official lockdown 23 March 2020).


We also support four community transport schemes, five community minibus routes and the Wheels 2 Work Scheme.

The cost is £1.3 million of which £0.5 million is Welsh Government grant funding.