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Concessionary bus passes

Some people are eligible for free or discounted travel on local bus services. From 27 July 2020, you are required to wear a face covering when using public transport in Wales.

Free travel on local bus services in Wales for the over 60s or people with an eligible disability.

The former green passes can no longer be used and you will need to pay bus fare if you do not have a new Transport for Wales bus pass. If you still have the green bus pass please ring 01792 636377 or email

To apply for a bus pass on age grounds (60 and over) and on grounds of disability please visit

For frequently asked questions about concessionary bus passes and further guidance please visit 

If you need help please ring 01792 636377.

If you need assistance from another person when travelling for all or some of your journeys you can apply for a companion bus pass. We will need to assess whether you meet the criteria, please ring 01792 636377 or email

You may be eligible for a companion bus pass if you have:

  • challenging behaviours, with a need to be supervised at all times.
  • severe cognitive and mental impairments (including people who have no awareness of risk and limited ability to plan and follow a journey).
  • a combination of visual and hearing or visual and speech loss that prevents independent mobility, or
  • difficulties using a wheelchair independently.

How do I replace a lost, damaged or stolen bus pass?

If you do not live in Swansea please contact Transport for Wales via their website or ring 0300 303 4240

If you live in Swansea your bus pass can either be replaced by Transport for Wales or Swansea Council.

To apply for a replacement bus pass via Transport for Wales please contact on 0300 303 4240 or visit their website

To apply for a replacement bus pass via Swansea Council there is a £10.00 fee. Please follow one of the guidelines below.

Please do not send cash or cheques in the post.

Reduced priced travel for 16 to 21 year olds in Wales

If you are 16 to 21 you can receive 1/3 discount off your bus travel with the mytravelpass. The card is free.

For more information and how to apply visit the mytravelpass website.

Apply for a replacement concessionary bus card

If your bus pass is lost, stolen or damaged there is a £10.00 fee to pay before a new bus pass can be issued.