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Busking in the city centre

There's nothing like the sound of live music or the sight of street performers entertaining the public to add to the atmosphere whilst browsing the shops in the city centre.

Permits are currently not required to busk in the city centre, but we kindly request that buskers follow the Buskers' Code (below) and use only the designated sites.

Whether you're a professional street performer, story-teller, dancer, aspiring musician or drama student, our city centre's authorised busking and street entertainment scheme, From Busk Til Dawn, provides a regulated, safe and accessible platform for performers to gain invaluable experience entertaining the public as well as a modest income from busking.

The scheme, which has been running since 2009, also ensures activities are co-ordinated, promoted and supported by local buskers and city centre traders.

Pitch locations

Official pitches are available in the heart of the city centre in high footfall areas providing opportunities throughout the day and early evening.

Red / guitar = busking pitch
Dark blue / music note = wet weather busking pitch in sheltered location    

  1. Top of Oxford St / Castle Square entrance
  2. Junction of Oxford St and Portland St
  3. Lower Oxford St - outside former Poundland
  4. St Mary's Square / Whitewalls junction
  5. Union St - adjacent to market entrance
  6. Outside Swansea Train Station
  7. Swansea Castle forecourt
  8. Bottom of Wind St / Little Wind St junction
  9. Swansea Bus Station*
  10. Oxford St - under canopy between River Island and former Sports Direct*
  11. Oxford St / Whitewalls junction - under canopy alongside former Topshop*
  12. St Mary's Square - under canopy alongside New Look*

* wet weather pitches in sheltered locations

Buskers' code

  • Pitches are available on a first come, first served basis and are rotated, if necessary every 2 hours.
  • Use a receptacle for donations; do not actively collect or beg for money.
  • The use of a PA system is permitted, however, consider the volume not to cause a nuisance to nearby premises.
  • The city centre rangers are there to help you! Follow their advice and work with them to comply with the rules governing the city centre.
  • Be risk aware and ensure your performance is safe! Do not put yourself or the public in danger.
  • The most successful performers are those who are friendly and professional - dress and act appropriately at all times.
  • Do not perform under the influence or in the possession of drugs or alcohol.
  • Selling CDs or merchandise when busking requires a street trading license. An annual administration fee will apply, as do our terms and conditions. Get in touch with city centre management for more info via


The city centre rangers oversee the scheme on-site and help deal with any queries or issues that may arise.

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