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Burials and cremations

We look after seven cemeteries across Swansea and the crematorium in Morriston.

Space for new graves is available at six locations; Morriston, Oystermouth, Kingsbridge, Rhydgoch, Danygraig and Coedgwilym.

Family burials in existing graves can take place in all of Swansea's seven cemeteries, though space remaining in Cwmgelli is becoming increasingly scarce.  Special areas have been set aside in each cemetery to accommodate the burial of cremated remains, with each plot marked by an appropriate memorial tablet.

Swansea crematorium

The crematorium in Swansea is located in the grounds of Morriston cemetery in the north of the city.

Morriston cemetery

Morriston cemetery covers approximately 38 acres in the north of the city and was opened for burials in 1915.

Oystermouth cemetery

Oystermouth cemetery covers approximately 28 acres in the Mumbles area of the city and was opened for burials in 1883.

Woodland burial at Oystermouth cemetery

Oystermouth's woodland burial ground offers a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options.

Danygraig cemetery

Danygraig cemetery covers around 20 acres in the east of Swansea and was opened for burials in 1856.

Cwmgelli cemetery

Cwmgelli cemetery covers around 8 acres in the Treboeth area of Swansea and it was opened for burials in 1896.

Coedgwilym cemetery

Coedgwilym cemetery is located in Clydach. Burial records for the cemetery are available from 8th April 1920.

Rhydgoch cemetery

Rhydgoch cemetery is located south of Pontarddulais in a semi rural area. Burial records are available for the cemetery from 1907.

Kingsbridge cemetery

Kingsbridge cemetery is located on the edge of Gorseinon. Burial records for the cemetery are available from 2nd April 1935.

Meadow burial at Kingsbridge cemetery

This meadow burial ground offers a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options.

Cemetery and crematorium opening times

Our cemeteries and crematorium are open to the public 365 days of the year. This includes all cemeteries - Coed Gwilym, Cwmgelli, Danygraig, Kingsbridge, Morriston, Oystermouth and Rhydgoch and also the Hall of Remembrance and Gardens of Swansea Crematorium.

Burial and cremation services and fees

Details of costs for burials and cremations at our cemeteries and crematorium.

Remembrance and Memorials

A memorial is a lasting and unique way to remember the life of a loved one; it can provide a focal point for family and friends to visit to reflect on and grieve their loss.

Self arranged funerals

You can arrange a funeral without the services of a funeral director. Some people take comfort from being involved - either partly or totally - in the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one.

Burials on private land

Burials usually occur in cemeteries or churchyards, however some individuals choose to be buried in private land, such as farmland, or private gardens.

Choosing a funeral director

When choosing a funeral director to arrange a funeral it is important to ensure that you are satisfied with the service you receive; the funeral director should supply an itemised estimate of all costs.

Record searches of municipal cemeteries and crematorium

We are able to take requests to search our municipal cemetery and cremation records for details of burials that have taken place.

Contact burials and cremations

If you have any queries about the cemeteries and crematorium in Swansea you can contact us by phone, email, post or in person.

Swansea crematorium 'Forget you not' garden

The "Forget You Not" garden has been created within the grounds of the crematorium.
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Last modified on 18 April 2023