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Broadway Junction improvements

We have secured funding via the Welsh Government to introduce changes at the junction where Vivian Road, Broadway, Cockett Road and Townhill Road connect.

Welsh Government logoThe proposed improvement works will see traffic lights replace the two mini roundabouts at Broadway / Glanmor Road / Vivian Road (above Gower College in Tycoch).

It will also see the mini roundabout outside Gower College be replaced by traffic lights (at the Tycoch Road / Glanmor Road junction).

PDF Document Broadway Junction - satellite image of current layout and new layout (PDF, 3MB)Opens new window

PDF Document Broadway Junction - detailed map of new road layout (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

The work is expected to take approximately 24 weeks to complete and will start in early 2020.

A traffic management plan will be detailed with the contractor once appointed. Every effort will be made to minimise disruption and advance notice signs will be erected on site providing further information closer to the start date.

Why these changes are needed

The Broadway Junction has been identified as a key route in the west of Swansea, which experiences high levels of congestion throughout the day. Our traffic engineers have carried out analysis of projected traffic flows in future years, taking into consideration future development. The existing junction design will not be able to cope with projected increases in traffic volumes and it is estimated that waiting times at the junction could quadruple in future years if changes are not implemented.

It is proposed that the junction redesign will:

  • ease congestion
  • introduce active travel accessibility
  • increase capacity and safety
  • improve public transport journey time, reliability and efficiency
  • improve the pedestrian crossings (improving access to the college and those who walk to the local comprehensive school) 
  • remove the complexity that exists with the closely spaced double roundabouts

Funding for this important traffic management scheme has been provided from the Welsh Government following a successful bid to the Local Transport Fund.


Frequently asked questions

Why are you changing the junction?

The current layout featuring two mini roundabouts at the junction of Cockett Road/Glanmor Road/Townhill Road is currently operating over capacity and as a result is struggling to cope with the number of vehicles travelling through the junction during peak periods.

What will happen if the junction stays as it is?

The problem we need to solve is not the amount of traffic that people experience now, but the amount of traffic there will be in the future. If no work is done to improve the junction - future projected vehicle levels will cause waiting times at the junction to quadruple.

Why is the junction important?

The junction sits across a main route (A4216) and this route is fundamental for traffic travelling to the north and south of the city. This route is also a main route for public transport.

Why change the junction if there are very few accidents at the location?

The junction upgrade is not being completed to address road safety concerns primarily, although traffic signals should reduce the potential for accidents, particularly at the 4-way mini roundabout near Gower College. While road safety is always a major objective for us when creating new routes or redesigning other, the main reason for the upgrade is to better manage future traffic levels.

How much is the work costing?

The investment in the Broadway scheme is approximately £1 million.

Could this money be better spent elsewhere - such as schools etc?

The funding has been provided by the Welsh Government via its 'Local Transport Fund' which means the money needs to be spent on transport infrastructure.

When will the work start and how long will the work take to complete?

The scheme is scheduled to start in the Autumn and will take approximately 24 weeks. This is an estimate and means the work could be completed a little sooner than planned. If weather conditions are poor, there is also a risk the scheme could over-run slightly.

Are traffic signals better than roundabouts?

Roundabouts and signalised junctions both have their benefits for keeping traffic moving. A number of options (including maintaining roundabouts) were looked at before deciding on the scheme being implemented. We believe this scheme will offer the best solution for managing traffic flows in the future, while providing safe legible routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Will you be able to control the traffic lights at busy times?

The system that will be implemented will use the latest technology to manage traffic flows at the junction so that queues will be kept to a minimum. The lights will feature CCTV so it can be monitored from our main control room.

Why are you stopping traffic coming from Townhill Road turning right on to Cockett Road?

The design of the new junction would mean it is difficult for vehicles to turn right at the bottom of Townhill Road and would also require an additional traffic light phase  - this would prevent traffic moving freely through the junction. Latest studies also show that less than 10 percent of vehicles travelling down Townhill Road utilise the 'right turn'.

Will stopping motorists turning right onto Cockett Road increase traffic along other routes?

An analysis of alternative routes through the Townhill/Cockett area show the majority of roads are operating well under capacity and can more than cope with additional traffic.

What is being done for residents on Lon Cadog who won't be able to turn right up Cockett Road using the roundabout?

There are a number of suitable alternate routes to cater for all traffic movements for residents.

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