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Swansea Working - Body language guide

Body language shows others how we value ourselves. It describes how confident we feel on the inside and in the moment.

  • How do I see my own body language?
  • How important is body language at interview and in my career?

In reality no one has perfect body language at all times. We have to be conscious of body language at the right times. Whether you are going to an interview, attending a work meeting or meeting with a client, try your best to maintain positive body language.

A good way of assessing your body language is videoing yourself. A frightening prospect for many, however, the key to this is not listening to the negative voices telling you that you can't do that or you will look silly. It's ok to spot your flaws to make improvements.

Confident body language

When attending any meeting or interview, show your interest by naturally smiling when you engage the people in the room. This shows you are friendly and approachable. Have good proud posture by keeping your back straight and your chin parallel to the ground. No slumping.

A handshake goes a long way especially at interview along with a genuine smile. Studies say that handshakes play a significant role in first impressions, so make it count. Your shake should be neither bone crushing nor like a limp fish. Aim for a firm handshake.

Eye contact when trying to engage people is very important, but please don't stare. Focus on the person talking to you and don't be afraid to blink. Avoiding eye contact displays nerves and it could make it seem like your answers are dishonest. Try to stay relaxed as if the person you were talking to is someone you know. 

Engage people when sitting down by leaning forward slightly to indicate interest. If you use your hands to express yourself then let this shine through. Stopping your natural gestures may lead to an awkward appearance. Try not to be too over enthusiastic though as you may distract from your conversation which is the most important subject. Avoid crossing arms in conversation as this indicates defensiveness and nerves. You want to appear confident and comfortable, so avoid crossing your legs also. If you bite your nails or tap your leg, don't allow these habits to be seen as they will be noticed during interview and meetings and will show your nerves.

If you would like further support to help you prepare for an upcoming interview or training to help you build your body language/confidence, contact us on 01792 578632.

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Last modified on 28 September 2021