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Blue Badge fraud or misuse

If you suspect a blue badge is being misused you can report it to us.

Try to get as many details as possible from the badge on display (serial number, expiry date etc) to help us to investigate and take action if the badge is shown to have been misused.

To help you with your report there are a number of different types of blue badge fraud or misuse, 

Misuse by the badge holder

  • Use of a badge that is no longer valid
  • Use of a badge that has been reported lost or stolen
  • Use of a badge which a Local Authority has requested be returned
  • Letting a friend or relative use the badge
  • Use of a copied badge
  • Altering the details on the badge, for example, the expiry date
  • Making a fraudulent application (providing false information on the application) or using a badge obtained fraudulently

Misuse by a third party

  • Using someone else's badge (with or without the badge holder's knowledge) without the badge holder being present
  • Using a badge belonging to someone who has died
  • Copying, altering or making badges
  • Using a stolen badge
  • Using a fake badge

Report online button
Report Blue Badge misuse online

If you are not sure about which type of blue badge misuse is occurring select 'Other' and tell us exactly what your suspicions are.

You can also report suspected misuse of a Blue Badge by telephoning 01792 637366 or emailing us at, or writing to Blue Badge Team, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN.

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