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Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme provides a national range of parking concessions to help people who are severely sight impaired, or permanently physically impaired, travel independently.

Badge holders can travel as either a driver or passenger, and are allowed to park close to their destination. The rules under which badges are awarded are set by the Welsh Government.

Are you entitled to a Blue Badge?

Find out if you qualify for a Blue Badge.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Applications or renewals for Blue Badges must be made through the online system on the website.

Using your Blue Badge

When you receive your Blue Badge you will also get a copy of the booklet 'The Blue Badge Scheme: Rights and Responsibilities in Wales'.

Lost, stolen, faded or damaged Blue Badges

If your Blue Badge has been lost or stolen, is faded or damaged then you will need to contact us for a new badge.

Blue Badge fraud or misuse

If you suspect a blue badge is being misused you can report it to us.

Blue Badges for organisations

If the organisation uses a vehicle to transport disabled people who would normally get a badge themselves they may be able to get a Blue Badge for the organisation.