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Biodiversity and Planning

The Placemaking approach set out in national and local planning policy has multiple benefits which help improve quality of life, tackle climate change, reduce our carbon footprint and improve biodiversity and ecological resilience for the future. Under the current legislative and policy framework in Wales the planning system must seek to safeguard resilient ecological networks and secure a net benefit for biodiversity as part of new development proposals. It is therefore essential to address all biodiversity issues as an intrinsic part of planning applications, otherwise failure to do so may result in an application being refused or delayed.

The Council's Nature Conservation Team are a consultee in the planning application process and will provide advice to the Development Management Team in in relation to biodiversity matters. 

The Swansea LDP provides the local planning policy framework for biodiversity and provides detailed guidance on how the plan's policies will be applied. 

Further technical information in relation to biodiversity and planning is available to download in the guidance notes, strategies and design guides below.  The documents also signpost other useful information and best practice.

Together these documents provide advice to Applicants on how to ensure that biodiversity is taken into account at the earliest appropriate stage of making a planning application. This will help to avoid unnecessary delays and costs as well as ensuring the best outcome for biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.



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