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Understanding your benefit notification letter

Every time your benefit claim is calculated you will be sent a benefit decision notice with a statement of reason letter attached.

Statement of reason

The statement of reason will give details of what amounts have been used when calculating your benefit and how the claim was calculated step by step. It also shows the period the benefit and/or reduction will apply to.

Statement of reason for Housing Benefit example (PDF) [1MB]

Statement of reason for Council Tax Reduction example (PDF) [306KB]

Decision notice

The decision notice on the front page is a summary of the calculation.

Council Tax Reduction decision notice has details of:

  • the reason the Council Tax Reduction was calculated.
  • the amount of Council Tax Reduction you are entitled too and the period it applies for

Decision notice for Council Tax Reduction (PDF) [157KB]

Housing Benefit decision notice has details of:

  • the amount of benefit you are entitled to
  • any deductions to reclaim overpaid benefit or to reflect the contribution that any adults who live with you, but who are not part of your benefit household, have to make towards your housing costs.

Decision notice for Housing Benefit (PDF) [2MB]

Your benefit decision notice contains a lot of information which we are required by legislation to include.

Back page of the letter

The back page of the letter provides a summary of the benefit process and information regarding what to do if:

  • you think we have calculated your benefit incorrectly
  • your circumstances are different to what is shown on the decision notice.

Back page of the Council Tax Reduction letter (PDF) [480KB]

Back page of the Housing Benefit letter (PDF) [174KB]

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