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Our coastal waters are hugely improved by large and expensive treatment schemes. We monitor water quality to protect public health using standards set in an European Directive.

New EU standards set even tougher requirements to protect public health but recognise that sea water is a natural variable environment. Bad weather will result in higher numbers of bacteria.

Gower beaches easily pass the EU standards but Swansea Bay is a little more complex. Swansea Bay cannot be improved much more by expensive engineering. Therefore it is the type of Bay which the new EU standards can be applied by predicting and informing the public.

Further information on the water quality trial can be found below. You can also email

This summer we are displaying water quality information for Swansea Bay on signs by the Slip. Results are posted three times a day. The water quality can change throughout the day depending on sunlight, wind direction, river flows and the tide. 

We are also broadcasting these results via our Twitter account. To get up to date information simply follow us @SwanseaBayWaterOpens new window. The latest tweets are also available here,

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