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Bank card scam

A Swansea resident was at home when he received a telephone call on his landline. A male voice told him it was the police and that he had been the subject of a scam with an amount of money taken from his bank.

The caller told him that his pin number had been compromised on two bank cards and gave him two new pin numbers. Unfortunately  the victim believed the caller and disclosed his pin number for his own bank cards. The caller also asked him to place his bank cards in an envelope  and place them on his doorstep for officers to collect as part of the investigation.

About ten minutes later a male knocked his door and asked for the bank cards. The resident had the foresight to realise that it was a scam and refused to hand over the cards telling the male to go away.

Please remember that the police and banks would not ask for this type of information. If you are worried you are being scammed then hang up the phone and call your bank using a number you trust (try looking at your bank statement).


This scam alert is from April 2020

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