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Asbestos collection from your home

We offer a collection service of bonded asbestos for Swansea residents.

Bonded asbestos includes corrugated asbestos cement sheet, asbestos cement moulded products, bitumen-based water proofing and vinyl floor tiles.

Collection cost
'Big 6' corrugated asbestos cement sheet (6ft long x 4ft wide)£40 per sheet 
Standard corrugated asbestos cement sheet (6ft long x 3ft wide)£30 per sheet 
One bag of broken asbestos cement/floor tiles (25kg)£30 per bag

Asbestos cement soil / waste pipe

£90 per waste pipe (2-storey property)
£120 per waste pipe (3-storey property)

Asbestos cement guttering and down pipes 

£30 per downpipe
£60 per 6 metre length

Asbestos cement soffit board£60 per 6 metre length (2 bags worth)

Payment is to be made in advance. No payments can be made to the collection crews.

Request a collection

To request a collection phone 01792 635600. You should provide a full description of the waste to be collected when you request the collection. The Asbestos Department will then be in touch to arrange collection.

Larger quantities of asbestos

If you have a larger quantity of bonded asbestos sheets we advise that you contact a commercial waste disposal company. They have to be licensed to handle the asbestos material.

Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) have a list of contractors in the Swansea area who have been approved for removing asbestos. Contact them on 01283 531126 or email

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