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Annual review of performance 2013-14: detailed self-assessments

We have assessed how we did on our improvement plan objectives for 2014-15.

Each self-assessment shows what had been done so far, how we compare with others, what has and hasn't worked and what we intended doing to make improvements. 

If you have any queries or questions please contact performance and delivery on 01792 636852 or email

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Improvement objective A - early years

Provide support for children in the early years in Swansea so that they are ready for learning and make developmental progress.

Improvement objective B - school attendance and attainment

Support improvement to school attendance and attainment of all learners aged 3-19 years so that each can achieve their potential.

Improvement objective C - safe and independent (child and family services)

People are safe, well and supported to live independently (child and family services).

Improvement objective D - economy

Develop partnerships, skills and infrastructure in order to attract and grow a knowledge based economy creating jobs grounded in key sectors.

Improvement objective E - affordable credit and savings options

Promote affordable credit and savings options and help people maximise their income and entitlements.

Improvement objective F - housing quality and supply

Improve housing and housing supply in order to increase the availability of good quality, affordable housing.

Improvement objective G - healthy lifestyles

Help people adopt and develop healthy and sustainable lifestyles in order to improve health.

Improvement objective H - safe and independent (adult social care)

People are safe, well and supported to live independently (adult services).

Improvement objective I - waste and recycling

Minimise waste and increase recycling through promotion, working with others and by targeting low participating areas.

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