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Current active travel projects

These projects have been allocated grant funding from the active travel fund to be developed or delivered.

Man cycling in red top (Grovesend to Pontarddulais).

The fund is split into 2 categories:

  1. Main schemes - these schemes have been allocated funding and work has started or will start soon
  2. Core allocation schemes - these proposed schemes are at an earlier stage of feasibility studies, engagement with stakeholders and design development

Depending on the complexity or size of a scheme, it may need to go through multiple rounds of 'core' funding before it is at a stage where we are ready to bid for 'main' funding to deliver the scheme.  

'Main' schemes being delivered

'Core allocation' schemes for development


'Main' schemes being delivered

Penllergaer to Gorseinon

This scheme proposes to construct a missing link in the Swansea Northern Strategic Route, connecting with the recently constructed A48 Link to the east, and existing infrastructure in Gorseinon and ultimately NCN4 to the west.

The proposed section would provide a 2.8km off-road active travel walking and cycling link connection adjacent to Gorseinon Road. The connection will connect Penllergaer to Gorseinon, providing local access to employment, education, shops, services and amenities, and wider strategic connectivity to the existing off-road network.

The new section will connect to the recently constructed off-road link from Gorseinon to Gowerton Railway Station which, importantly, will enable multi-modal journeys helping to support the aims of the Swansea Bay and West Wales Metro.

Penllergaer to Gorseinon route plan 1 (PDF) [1MB]

Penllergaer to Gorseinon route plan 2 (PDF) [2MB]

What changes have been made?
The second plan above has been updated to show the inclusion an off-road cycle track separated from pedestrians alongside the footway of Gorseinon Road between Phoenix Way and Swansea Road, where previously there was a shared use cycling and walking path. 

Why have the plans been updated?
In 2021 we invited your views on the proposals of a shared use path alongside Gorseinon Road. Feedback received raised concerns that a shared use path directly in front of properties and accesses may pose a risk to safety as cars have limited visibility leaving driveways. Following this, we have investigated and changed the proposals so an off-road cycle lane separated by kerbs from pedestrians is provided between Phoenix Way and Swansea Road. This will move the cycleway further away from driveways and separate cyclists from motor vehicles and pedestrians, providing all users with safe and comfortable space. Further details can be seen on 'Penllergaer to Gorseinon route plan 2' via the link above.

What are the plans for a new route in Gorseinon/Penllergaer?
We have received funding from the Welsh Government to design an off-road route for pedestrians and cyclists between Penllergaer and Gorseinon. If the Welsh Government is happy with the planned route layout, we will be in a good position to apply for further funding to construct the route.

Where will the new route go?
The new route would stretch between Penllergaer and Gorseinon along the A4240 (Gorseinon Road) and will provide the missing link between recently completed walking and cycling routes previously completed at Kingsbridge and the A48 (between Penllergaer and Morriston).

Why has Gorseinon Road been chosen and not an alternative route?
Gorseinon Road provides the most direct route between Penllergaer and Gorseinon linking local facilities, schools, businesses, public transport and existing active travel routes. The route was originally approved in 2017 when the council developed its Integrated Network Map. 

How will the new route in Gorseinon/Penllergaer be developed?
The design will widen the existing pavement to feature a shared use path along the Gorseinon Road from Heol Y Mynydd in Gorseinon to Phoenix Way in Penllergaer. From Phoenix Way to Swansea Road in Penllergaer it will feature a segregated cycle track (separated from the main road by a kerb) and a widened pavement for pedestrians, to enable safe use by both groups.

Will the new path result in loss of on street parking?
A short section of the route, between Llewellyn Road and Dilwyn Road, travels through a residential area, where there is already some informal and formal on-street parking available. Some of the informal on-street parking will be removed on the southern side of Gorseinon Road to accommodate the new wider pavement. 
Increased formalised on-street parking bays will be created on the opposite side of the road to mitigate the lost informal on-street parking. The majority of properties along this section benefit from having off-road parking and this should not impact on residents' ability to park their vehicles.

Why do we need more walking and cycling routes?
Councils in Wales are working with the Welsh Government to address increases in car congestion and the impact this has on our local environment. Creating a better system in towns and cities to enable more people to walk and cycle safely can help improve their health and also reduce the need to use a car. The aim of Swansea Council is to create a city-wide walking and cycle network connecting communities, making it easier for people to get around.


Clyne Common

This new shared-use path will travel on the southern side of the B4436 over Clyne Common, between Mayals and Bishopston. It is approximately 2.5km long and will be 3m wide. It will provide an off-road route linking from Bishopston Comprehensive School to the recently constructed Mayals route, enabling people living in the Bishopston and Murton areas to have access to the wider active travel network to Mumbles, Swansea and beyond via National Cycle Route 4. An overview map showing the extent of the route and a breakdown of the plans by sections can be found below: 

Overview map - Clyne Common shared use path (PDF) [934KB]

Section 1 of 3 - Clyne Common shared use path (PDF) [3MB]

Section 2 of 3 - Clyne Common shared use path (PDF) [3MB]

Section 3 of 3 - Clyne Common shared use path (PDF) [98KB]

What are the benefits of this project?  
This scheme seeks to extend active travel provision between Mayals Road to Murton and Bishopston. The scheme will provide an affordable, healthier alternative to motor vehicle travel for current and future generations, improve access to education, services and the countryside, and improve our environment by reducing air pollution. The scheme will fill a missing link between communities whilst providing a safe route for walkers, cyclists and equestrians to better access to the Gower AONB and established public rights of way and bridleway network. A rest area is proposed at the highest point of the route, with an information board relating to the area. It will also enable pupils from the West Cross and Mayals areas to travel safely by walking and cycling to school in Bishopston.  

How is this project being funded?  
This project is being funded by a grant of over £1m from the Welsh Government's 'active travel fund' (ATF). The application for funding for this scheme was bid for as part of our wider ATF application in January 2022, which saw just over £7m awarded to us for the development or delivery of a range of active travel schemes across the county. 

What engagement has taken place on this route? 
There has been ongoing engagement on the development of this scheme for a number of years with local Councillors, landowners, Gower AONB, interest groups such as cyclists and horse riders and other key stakeholders. A well-attended community engagement event was held at Murton Community Hall in 2019 showcasing the developing designs with officers in attendance to answer any questions. A 'Gower Access Path' Facebook page which currently has over 600 members is regularly updated with relevant news and information, and a '' petition in support of a shared use path across Clyne Common received over 2000 signatures. The route was identified as a potential future link on Swansea's 'Integrated Network Map' (INM) in 2017. The INM is a city-wide wish list of cycling and walking routes we want to develop over a number of years. The current map was informed by a 12-week public consultation in 2017 and was approved by the Welsh Government in 2018. Since then, a new draft 'Active Travel Network Map' was consulted on across two rounds of 12-week consultation across 2021 and once approved, will replace the INM. 

Are there environmental considerations on Clyne Common?  
We have worked closely with the local landowners, ward members, local interest groups, Gower Commoners Association, county ecologists, countryside and conservation officers, public rights of way officers, highway maintenance, British Horse Society and independent ecology consultants to inform the developing design to ensure the best and most appropriate solution was progressed and will be constructed sympathetically to the natural feel of the common and with as little impact to the natural environment as possible. The material to be used for the construction of the shared-use path will reuse rubber recycled from used vehicle tyres previously earmarked for disposal in landfill, is suitable for all users, including horse riders, and will allow free draining of water.

When will this route be delivered? 
Construction is proposed to start in October 2022, with a view to be complete by March 2023. Any disruption to traffic during construction of this route will be kept to a minimum as far as possible. 


Penllergaer to Fforestfach

This proposed 2.8 km route will provide a continuous route connecting the recently completed A48 shared-use path in the north with Pentregethin Road, Cadle and the Fforestfach retail centre in the south. Beginning at the existing A48 active travel route, a 3m-wide, off-road shared-use path will be provided south towards Cadle Mill, with an additional shared-use spur off this connecting to Parc Penllergaer residential estate. From Cadle Mill, the scheme will enhance the existing rural road to allow shared use, establishing quiet lane access for multiple users. This will then link to a 2.5m wide existing shared use path, which will be resurfaced and join with proposed future cycling and walking infrastructure adjacent to Carmarthen Road, facilitating direct journeys into the city centre.


Pontarddulais connect

The scheme being delivered in 2023/24 is an onward section of the Pontarddulais Link from Grovesend and will provide an off-road, traffic-free shared-use path from B4296 Pentre Road to urban areas of Pontarddulais via Coed Bach Park. Further phases are proposed which will extend this link to Tidal Reach utilising the former railway trackbed allowing those travelling by active travel modes to bypass the busy and often congested town centre one-way system and using existing shared-use provisions on Tidal Reach link, facilitate multi-modal journeys by linking with Pontarddulais Railway Station and will intersect with the town centres bus services.


Ynysallan Road

The scheme to be delivered in 2022/23 will provide a continuous 3m-wide off-road shared-use route for pedestrians and cyclists between Parc Bryn Heulog and NCN43 along Ynysallan Road. The proposal will connect Parc Bryn Heulog, Birchgrove with the wider active travel network via NCN43. The scheme will also realign and resurface the NCN43 cycle route under the motorway bridge to provide users with improved accessibility and identifiable direction of travel. The scheme will improve the connection between Morriston and NCN43 northbound, it also connects Birchgrove to destinations south of the M4 such as Gower College and the business / enterprise areas east of the River Tawe. 

Overview map - Ynysallan Road shared use path (PDF) [1MB]


Morriston south link extension

These route enhancements will improve connectivity for the community of Morriston. NCN43 runs parallel to this riverside settlement, but unfortunately connectivity is hampered by the severance created by the River Tawe. These improved local links will provide an off-road means of accessing the strategic routes on the east bank of the River Tawe. The total length of improved links will be 0.5km, further extending the Morriston South Link of 1.8km constructed in 2021/22, north along Clydach Road to the B4603 roundabout. The scheme to be delivered in 2022/23 will provide a continuous 3m-wide off-road shared-use route for pedestrians and cyclists between Clydach Road near the A4067 roundabout travelling north along Clydach Road and finishing at Llanllienwen Road Junction for a distance of 0.5km. The route is situated along the B4603 Clydach Road and links further north towards Llanllienwen Road. 


'Core allocation' schemes for development

Walter Road and Sketty Road

Walter Road and Sketty Road together act as a tributary route into the city centre and with the provision of dedicated cycle provision, has the potential to link to further routes into communities in the coming years. With a number of densely populated communities surrounding this route, this dedicated provision has the potential to enable many active travel journeys along its 2-kilometre length towards major employers in the city centre and beyond. 

The below PDF files contain more information about the draft proposals for each section of the including maps and plans of how the proposed road layout might look. The route is divided into three sections.

Please note these are large file sizes - consider downloading them when connected to wifi, rather than viewing directly online.

Members of the public, residents and businesses were invited to comment on the outline proposals during a consultation period of 9 January - 4 February 2024. Comments and feedback received from this consultation will help to progress and refine the design. Subject to successful funding, we hope to start construction works late summer 2024.


DVLA to Morriston Hospital

DVLA and Morriston Hospital are both significant employment sites located in the north of Swansea. This proposal aims to provide a missing link in the Swansea northern cycle route joining these two major employers with each other and to the wider active travel network. The scheme proposed is to undertake further design and development work to bring about provision of an approximate 1.7km section of route SWA 55 between DVLA's main offices in Long View Road and the hospital. 


Pont y Cob Road

Pont y Cob Road is a low-lying route that crosses marshland, connecting local traffic between Gowerton and Loughor. The road is narrow and has previously had cycle lanes marked on both sides of the road, however the route is not compliant with current active travel guidance and requires upgrading to form part of a proposed new active travel route.

Subject to successful funding, the scheme will be delivered in two phases. The first phase will provide a dedicated 3m wide shared pedestrian and cycle track from Ffordd Beck (at the entrance to the Elba Sports Complex) and will pass the playing fields and join Pon Y Cob Road, where it will continue to Island Bridge.

The second phase will replace the existing single lane bridge and provide a 3m wide shared pedestrian and cycle track from Island Bridge along Culfor Road connecting to Loughor.

Currently, neither Culfor Road or Pont Y Cob Road have footways for pedestrians.


Morriston to Llansamlet

This proposal is to undertake design and development work for the provision of an active travel route between Llansamlet and Morriston covering approximately 2.25km. The route will follow the alignment of Clasemont Road, Pentrepoeth Road and Clase Road, in the west commencing at the junction of Clasemont Road and Mount Crescent and in the east at the roundabout where Clase Road joins with Upper Fforest Way, Valley Way and Samlet Road.   


Penllergare Woods to Tircoed

The proposal is to undertake design and development work for two new active travel routes, connecting Penllergaer with Tircoed, addressing the severance between the two settlements caused by both the M4 motorway and the rail line just north of this. The proposed section requiring design and development is 1.2km in length. An existing culvert running underneath the M4 will be subject to design development and feasibility, to allow the completion of the Penllergaer to Fforestfach proposed route to Tircoed. This missing link will provide access to various small employment and retail facilities, further south, to those communities living in Tircoed that are currently isolated from access to the Penllergare Valley Woods. 


Fabian Way innovation corridor

The proposal is to undertake design and development work for a new active travel route along Fabian Way innovation corridor. The proposed route is identified as SWA 71 on the Active Travel Network Map recently submitted to Welsh Government. It runs parallel to and just south of Fabian Way, utilising a number of the existing side roads off this, including some serving the port of Swansea and its docks.   


Tawe Riverside corridor

This proposal aims to complete the integrated network of active travel routes serving the commercial area located between the Stadium, the Copper Works tourist attraction, the Landore Park and Ride site and the Tawe River.

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