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Calligraphy for absolute beginners

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With Judith Porch. Learn the art of beautiful writing.

If you have never tried calligraphy before but are intrigued to discover more about the art of beautiful writing, then this online learning course is the perfect course for you. We will be using an edged pen to create the characteristic thick and thin Roman letterforms. Ideal for creating your own cards.

You will learn:

  • What tools and materials to use.
  • How to write consistent letters, which work together as a group.
  • How to rule up your lines.
  • How to space your letters and words correctly.
  • Have fun creating decorative pen patterns and much more.

Once you have the calligraphy bug you will never look at letters in the same way again.

Sessions will include:

  • Comprehensive how to videos.
  • Online / printable documents and resources.
  • Live online sessions will include tutor demonstrations.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Learning format: Online.

Course code: A092156.JPO.

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