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Creative Photography

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With Liz Barry. Creating images of interest that will capture your viewer's attention.

Intermediate: A course suitable for students that already have some knowledge of digital photography and are competent using their camera.

During the course students will explore more advanced camera functions, flash, elements of good composition and various effective techniques, which will improve their photography and tune their eye. Technical aspects of photography will be talked about also practical exercises, during hands on sessions students will learn how to control and combine all different camera functions creatively. Practice various aspects of photography, nature portraiture, flowers, abstract, black & white. Students can share their work through the online classroom, a platform where they can also discuss photo related topics and projects. Links to useful websites, articles and exhibitions will be shared. Fieldtrips will be planned to take place during the course, but this will depend on Welsh Government guidelines in respect to Covid-19.

Themes will cover:

  • The art of good photography composition: rule of thirds, filling the frame, leading lines, symmetry, patterns and textures, negative space, colour.
  • Inspiration, looking at the work of other photographers / photographic styles.
  • Lighting, using available light / flash.
  • Introduction to in-camera flash and using fill-in-flash.
  • Focusing modes: single, continuous and manual.
  • How to choose the most suitable exposure mode M, A/Av, S/Tv.
  • Aperture priority (A/Av) and Shutter speed priority (S/Tv) plus how to use the Exposure compensation.
  • How to read and use Histograms to improve your photography.
  • Metering systems - Matrix / Evaluate, Partial and Spot.
  • Equipment, lenses, filters, tripods.
  • Presentation of work.

Sessions will include:

  • A topic taught using online / printable documents and resources.
  • Each topic will be followed by a class assignment.
  • Every week a live class discussion and feedback will take place to discuss topics and assignments, with opportunity for questions and answers.
  • Specific tutor feedback will be provided on assignments via Google Classroom.
  • Fieldtrips may take place as part of this 10 week course, depending on Welsh Government guidelines in respect of Covid-19.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Learning format: Blended learning.

Course code: D092140.LB.

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