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Guitar Playing for Intermediate to Advanced [Mon, 5.30-7pm]

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With Keith Morgan. Develop your skills and style in guitar playing.

This online course is suitable for students with a reasonable knowledge of music or guitar. Students will usually have attended the intermediate class prior to attending this course.

You will be expected to know a range of simple chords including bar chords. Sessions will explore intervals and how chords are made up, e.g. E, Em, E7, EMaj7, Em7, E6, Esus4, E9, E11, E13. Your tutor will lead you through simple to complex song sheets using guitar chord boxes and sometimes Tab. Learners will explore some simple melody lines and will learn how to improve on strumming patterns and rhythms.

Students will receive pre-recorded online lessons, created by our experienced teacher and designed for students who wish to gain some basic guitar playing skills. Live feedback and practice sessions will take place online.

Sessions will include:

  • Pre-recorded videos.
  • Song sheets will be provided to play along to.
  • Additional worksheets and handouts.
  • Opportunities to play what you have been taught, for feedback and guidance from your tutor.

Duration: 10 weeks. Starting Monday, 17th January, 2022.

Please be aware that this course runs 10 weeks from the start date. Bookings made after this date will mean that you will be joining the course late. Our tutors are happy to accept new learners if places are still available to book.

Learning format: Online 5.30-m - 6.30pm. Live online meeting 6.30pm - 7pm.

Course code: A012235.KM

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