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Level 1 - IT Skills for work and life

Thursday 21 October 2021
Start Time 16:00

With Nathalie Salomon. Word processing, digital presentations and spreadsheets.

This course consists of three terms of learning, aimed at providing you with skills and accredited units at Agored Cymru Level 1.

Gain the ICT skills to function and progress in work, education and everyday life, using digital technology to your benefit. Use word processing software applications and explore the tools to edit and format documents. Design, prepare and deliver digital presentations and gain the skills and techniques to successfully use spreadsheets. Learn file management, including saving, securing and sharing documents, as one of the key skills covered during this course.

This 30-week course, delivered over three 10 week terms, will help you improve your productivity using ICT and office based software packages. It will help you understand the advantages of using word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, as well as providing you with the skills and recognised accreditations to effectively use them.

Skills taught include:

  • Creating, editing and formatting word processed documents.
  • Creating digital presentations.
  • Producing and effectively using spreadsheets.
  • File management.

Agored Cymru units covered will include:

  • CQ11CY083 Word Processing techniques.
  • CP11CY018 Creating digital presentations.
  • CP31CY016 Spreadsheet techniques.

Each of the above units is worth three credits, nine in total, which can be used to form a part of one or more regulated Agored Cymru qualifications.

Sessions will include:

  • Classroom based, tutor led sessions.
  • Handouts and guide sheets.
  • Project work for accreditation.

Duration - 30 weeks.

Learning format - Face-to-face.

Course code - D092121.NS

Civic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17a

Oystermouth Road



United Kingdom

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