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Stage 1 PC for Beginners [Thur 12-2pm]

Currently there are no instances scheduled for this event

With Nathalie Salomon. Stage one of an introduction to basic computer skills.

This PC beginners' course will provide students with an introduction to basic IT and computer skills. Some of the key elements of the course will include.

Files and Folders

  • Creating a folder and saving files to it.

Word processing

  • Create a document with text.
  • Basic formatting and editing documents.


  • Emailing - an overview and introduction.
  • Sending attachments.


  • Online Safety.
  • Browsing and searching the web.
  • Downloading from the Internet.
  • Accessing media websites such as YouTube, Google images etc.

Agored Cymru may include (At least one achieved during this 10 week term):

  • CQ11CY083 Word Processing techniques.
  • CP11CY018 Creating digital presentations.
  • CP31CY016 Spreadsheet techniques.

Each of the above units is worth three credits, which can be used to form a part of one or more regulated Agored Cymru qualifications.

Sessions will include:

  • Classroom based, tutor led sessions.
  • Handouts and guide sheets.
  • Project work for accreditation.

Duration - 10 weeks. Starting Thursday, 20th January, 2022.

Please be aware that this course runs 10 weeks from the start date. Bookings made after this date will mean that you will be joining the course late. Our tutors are happy to accept new learners if places are still available to book.

Learning format - Face-to-face.

Course code - D012218.NS

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