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What families say about us

Read comments from families in Swansea about their social workers

Family E told us:

From the start our social worker told us clearly what she was worried about. 

She takes the time to explain things that we don't understand, and she praises us when she thinks we've done something well rather than pointing out what is still left to do. 

We feel we can be open with her, she won't judge us and she has made us feel a lot more confident in ourselves

Mrs ZB said:

My social worker H talks, helps and gives advice.  She doesn't just tell me things, she listens and asks me what I want and we talk things through together. 

We work together and she works with the children. Children do not always tell their parents what they are feeling and H helped with this, she helped me know how they were feeling.

Ms W said about her social worker:

K didn't make promises she couldn't keep.  She made sure she was able to do something before agreeing to it.

I didn't always agree with everything K said but respected her decision as she was honest and stuck to what she said.  And she acknowledged and respected my views even when she did not agree.

She made me feel that she really wanted me to do well and for my child to be able to come home.

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