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Youth Justice & Early Intervention Service

The Western Bay Youth Justice & Early Intervention Service (Youth Offending Service) takes a multi-agency approach to youth offending.

The agency is made up of staff from the Police, Probation Service, Social Services, Health Department, Education Department, Substance Misuse Agencies and Housing.

The service works with young people aged 10-17 and has 3 main areas of work:

  • Preventing Offending:  A large area of work centres around preventing young people from committing an offence and getting involved in the youth justice system.
  • Offenders: The service works with work with young people who have come to the attention of the police and the courts because of their offending. Depending on their sentence, the Youth Justice Service has to supervise the young person throughout their order. During this time the service looks at how it can assist the young person to stop re-offending.
  • Community Safety : A small number of young people continue to reoffend and some young people commit very serious offences. The Service is  responsible for working with the young person during their time in prison and when they are released back into the community.


Volunteering opportunities within youth justice

Volunteers are an essential element of the service we offer to young people aged 10-18 years. Whatever your skills, knowledge or life experiences, volunteers can be valuable assets that benefit our team.

We're looking for volunteers to undertake difference aspects within the Youth Offending Service.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering for the Youth Offending Service provides personal satisfaction and fulfilment by making a difference to a young person's development. It's an opportunity to assist in the reduction and preventions of offending by young people. You'll develop careers skills and meet new people too.

You could choose to be involved with:

  • Bureau Community Panels    

Young people who have been arrested are invited to attend the Youth Bureau rather than answer Police bail. The Bureau involves a panel meeting which consists of one community volunteer, a member of the Youth Offending Team and a representative from South Wales Police.The panel then decide on an appropriate outcome for each young person.

  • Reparation

Reparation is used during court orders which the young people are subject to, to repay the harm to the victims, either directly or indirectly and giving back to the community. A wide variety of projects have been developed as reparation is option based. 

  • Referral Order Community Panels

Young people who have been to court and have are subject to a Referral Order, lasting from 3 to 12 months and requiring them to attend a community panel meeting. The panel meeting consists of two community volunteers and a member of the Youth offending Team.

  • Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh is a project run within the Youth Offending Service. We have a main worker who will oversee the award and are looking for volunteers to support during activities throughout the day. The age of the young people are 14-18 and are both male and female.


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