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Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

The ombudsman looks into complaints about Public Services in Wales.

Contact the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

The service he provides is independent, unbiased and free of charge. The Ombudsman can look into various bodies including local government, the National Health Service and the National Assembly for Wales. The Ombudsman investigates any complaints made about a local authority Councillor breaking their code of conduct.

The Ombudsman can look into complaints that you have been treated unfairly, or received a bad service through some failure on the part of the body providing it. If the Ombudsman upholds your complaint, he will tell the body you have complained about what he thinks it should do to put matters right. The Ombudsman cannot order public bodies to do what he recommends - but in practice they almost always do.

Most public bodies have complaints procedures - the Ombudsman normally expects you to have complained direct to the body concerned, and given them a reasonable opportunity to investigate and reply to your complaint, before you come to him. Many complaints can be settled in this way.

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