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A break from home for people living with dementia

People with dementia can benefit from a break from the daily routine just as other people do.

Because of the forgetfulness and confusion they experience, organising a break can sometimes seem difficult to manage, but a regular change of scene and involvement in structured activities will often stimulate the brain and help people connect with their surroundings.   Here are some suggestions.

Day Centres and Social Groups
Older people in the early stages of dementia may benefit from the social opportunities provided by Social Services' day centres and social groups. An assessment is needed before someone can attend a day centre, but anyone over 50 can go along to one of the social groups. For more information see  or ring our Common Access Point on 01792 636519.

Open Access Activity Groups
A number of local organisations offer open-access groups for people in the early to mid stages of dementia. Usually these provide activities that the individual and a carer can enjoy together. Examples include activities run by the Alzheimer's SocietyOpens new window and the Forget Me Not ClubsOpens new window

Social Services Activity Groups
Remember Me' groups are provided through Social Services for people in the mid stages of dementia who can no longer participate in regular day services. These weekly groups are run by staff and volunteers with specialist training and offer person-centred, responsive support activities to stimulate the brain and memory and the opportunity to socialise. Eligibility criteria apply for this service and people must be referred by a social worker or health care professional.  

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