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All our community centres are currently closed.

Community centre contact details

Information about each of our community centres in Swansea.

Click on the individual centres below to see who to contact about booking/availability, a location map and what facilities are available at each.

Baywood Community Centre

Contact - Nancy Harding
Kenilworth Place, West Cross, Swansea, SA3 5LP.
Tel: 01792 422631
Full details for Baywood Community Centre

Birchgrove Community Centre

Contact - Anne Hughes
Lon Gwestyn, Birchgrove, Swansea, SA7 9LD.
Tel: 07967 216245
Full details for Birchgrove Community Centre

Birchgrove Pavilion

Contact - Carol Griffiths
Birchgrove Road, Birchgrove, Swansea, SA7 9NA.
Tel: 01792 790786
Full details for Birchgrove Pavilion

Blaenymaes Community Centre

Contact - Brian Pridmore
Broughton Avenue, Blaenymaes, Swansea, SA5 5LN.
Tel: 01792 884642
Full details for Blaenymaes Community Centre

Bonymaen Community Centre

Contact - Sarah Glover
Bonymaen Road, Bonymaen, Swansea, SA1 7AW.
Tel: 01792 462322
Full details for Bonymaen Community Centre

Brynmelyn Community Centre

Contact - Pat MacKay
Park Terrace, Brynmelyn, Swansea, SA1 2BY.
Tel: 01792 467714
Full details for Brynmelyn Community Centre

Brynmill Community Centre

Contact - Pat Hughes
St Albans Road, Brynmill, Swansea, SA2 0BP.
Tel: 07701 012317
Full details for Brynmill Community Centre

Brynmill Discovery Centre

Contact - Arron Bevan-John
Brynmill Park, Brynmill, Swansea SA2 OJQ.
Tel: 01792 635412
Full details for Brynmill Discovery Centre

Clase Community Centre

Contact - Doreen Bell
Longview Road, Clase, Swansea, SA6 7HH.
Tel: 01792 411539
Full details for Clase Community Centre

De La Beche Pavilion (Poppy Lounge)

Park View Terrace, Sketty , Swansea, SA2 9AR.
Tel: 07495 459434
Full details for De La Beche Pavilion (Poppy Lounge)

Dyfatty Community Centre

Contact - Mike Evans
Chapel Street, Dyfatty, Swansea, SA1 1NB.
Tel: 01792 416768
Full details for Dyfatty Community Centre

Fforestfach Memorial Hall

Contact - Bernard Ashford
Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach, Swansea, SA5 8HR.
Tel: 01792 561035
Full details for Fforestfach Memorial Hall

Gendros Community Centre

Contact - Ann Cook
Gendros Avenue East, Gendros, Swansea, SA5 8DE.
Tel: 01792 539791
Full details for Gendros Community Centre

Glais Community Centre

Contact - Philipa Gerring
Birchgrove Road, Birchgrove, Swansea, SA7 9EN.
Tel: 01792 846056
Full details for Glais Community Centre

Gorseinon Institute

Contact - Andrea
44 Lime Street, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 4AD.
Tel: 01792 899221
Full details for Gorseinon Institute

Hafod Community Centre

Odo Street, Hafod, Swansea, SA1 2LT.
Tel: 07565 536095
Full details for Hafod Community Centre

Llansamlet Community Centre

Contact - Carol Griffiths
Church Road, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9RH.
Tel: 01792 790786
Full details for Llansamlet Community Centre

Manselton Cheery Boys

Contact - Bill Hanney
St Johns Road, Manselton, Swansea, SA5 8PP.
Tel: 01792 535236
Full details for Manselton Cheery Boys

Manselton Community Centre

Contact - Nicola Thomas
Elgin Street, Manselton, Swansea, SA5 8QE.
Tel: 07979 891461
Full details for Manselton Community Centre

Mayhill Community Centre

Contact - Ann Stevens
Mayhill Road, Mayhill, Swansea, SA1 6TD.
Tel: 07548 213244
Full details for Mayhill Community Centre

Montana Park Community Centre

Contact - Debbie Parr
Montana Place, Landore, Swansea, SA1 2QB.
Tel: 07533 733097
Full details for Montana Park Community Centre

Morriston Community Centre

Contact - Susan Sherif
Pentrepoeth School Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 6HZ.
Tel: 07548 811781
Full details for Morriston Community Centre

Morriston Memorial Hall

Contact - Lyn Mainwaring
Heol Gwernen, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 6JR.
Tel: 01792 418102
Full details for Morriston Memorial Hall

Gors Avenue Community Centre

Contact - Carima Heaven
Heol y Gors, Gors, Swansea, SA1 6SA.
Tel: 07552 640953
Full details for Gors Avenue Community Centre

North Penlan Community Centre

Contact - Clare Newell
John Penry Crescent, Penlan, Swansea, SA5 9AN.
Tel: 07794 701007
Full details for North Penlan Community Centre

Parc Llewelyn Community Centre

Contact - Jennifer Scully
Trewyddfa Terrace, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 8NY.
Tel: 01792 423321
Full details for Parc Llewelyn Community Centre

Parc Y Werin Pavilion

Contact - Arron Bevan-John
Parc Y Werin, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 4UX.
Tel: 01792 635412
Full details for Parc Y Werin Pavilion

Penclawdd Community Centre

Contact - Dave Williams
Victoria Road, Penclawdd, Swansea, SA4 3FJ.
Tel: 01792 850162
Full details for Penclawdd Community Centre

South Penlan Community Centre

Contact - Annaliese Gower
Heol Frank, Penlan, Swansea, SA5 7AH.
Tel: 07342 847833
Full details for South Penlan Community Centre

Plasmarl Community Centre

Contact - Trevor Feeney
Dinas Street, Plasmarl, SA6 8LQ.
Tel: 01792 790178
Full details for Plasmarl Community Centre

Port Tennant Community Centre

Contact - Mrs Lynne Dicks
Wern Fawr Road, Port Tennant, Swansea, SA1 8LQ.
Tel: 01792 928872
Full details for Port Tennant Community Centre

Gowerton Rechabite Hall

Contact - Linda Bolchover
Church Street, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3EA.
Tel: 01792 872449
Full details for Gowerton Rechabite Hall

Sketty Park Community Centre

Contact - Claire Hazel
Heather Crescent, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 8HE.
Tel: 01792 208013
Full details for Sketty Park Community Centre

St Phillips Community Centre

Contact - June Elsey
Clarence Terrace, Sandfields, Swansea, SA1 3QT.
Tel: 07436 033526
Full details for St Phillips Community Centre

Townhill Community Centre

Contact - Cheryl Grove
Powys Avenue, Townhill, Swansea, SA1 6PH.
Tel: 07743 330214
Full details for Townhill Community Centre

Trallwn Community Centre

Mel Sullivan
Bethel Road, Trallwn, Swansea, SA7 9QP.
Tel: 07920 091457
Full details for Trallwn Community Centre

Treboeth Community Centre

Contact - Joyce Barker
Llangyfelach Road, Treboeth, Swansea, SA5 9EL.
Tel: 01792 416064
Full details for Treboeth Community Centre

Waunarlwydd Community Centre

Contact - Chris Diamond
Victoria Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea, SA5 4SY.
Tel: 07936 391000
Full details for Waunarlwydd Community Centre

West Cross Community Centre

Linden Avenue, West Cross, Swansea, SA3 5LE.
Tel: 01792 402935(answerphone)
Full details for West Cross Community Centre

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